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Halloween Special 2
Halloween Special 2

April 7th, 2015, 11:56 pm

New Webpage

I have no idea if anyone still visits this comic enough to read this or care to read this, but here you go.

So kmarwx's fair review gave me a few ideas for how to move forward with the comic. I've been a little too reckless with flashback sequences and cramming in little details, leading to the newer pages being, in a word, confusing. One of his suggestions was that I consider making some shorter pages to supplement the comic's main plot. My first thought was "I ain't making the pages shorter" but thought about it for a bit and realized I could do that while keeping the Main Pages on-track.

So I redid the "Special Pages" custom webpage a bit, now called "Extra Pages", and I plan to use it for posting pages that don't directly advance the plot (and they may not always be funny) but otherwise provide information on interesting things that might help readers understand the plot a little better, but aren't necessary for understanding it. For example, Psinnoh's descent from one of the world's most beautiful regions to a war-torn wasteland plagued with organized crime, or literally anything to do with Azelf before the events of Page 62 "Stuff Happens".

I'd considered making a new chapter to add between the "Holiday Specials" chapter and the Main Pages but I want to avert confusion, and having it where people can accidentally stumble upon a supplementary page that might spoil past events could lead to confusion.

Also, new banner. Lastly, I'd like it to be known that if I knew I still had a visible following, I'd probably be a bit more consistent with page releases. That basically means "if you're a fan and still read the comic, pls comment moar".

Now watch as time goes by and I only ever make like three of such pages. I hope to prove myself wrong.

October 18th, 2013, 6:28 pm


Sorry about suddenly slowing down the updates, but do I really need to explain why I've been slowing down? I think it's fairly obvious. *coughIfyoudon'tknowthenyoudon'tfollowPokémoncough*

Rest assured, I'll pump out at least one more issue (hopefully even more) before the month ends.

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