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This page contains extra pages, such as drawn specials and other such content. This page was originally put here because the drawn specials were throwing off the order of the comic's pages. (The Halloween Special is kept where it is now simply because it amassed some comments) Now it will probably become the home of any short page I make to add to the comic. Such pages may not directly advance the plot and may not even be constantly lined with gags, but will typically add background or context to things glossed or unexplained in the main pages that I have no intention of cramming into the main pages, such as most background info about Psinnoh and Azelf.

  1. Pogeymanz Drawn Specials
  2. Pogeymanz Shameless Advertisements! Ad

Pogeymanz Drawn Specials

I started Pogeymanz in September 2009. I know, right?! It seems like I only started it a year ago! Anyway, I was in 10th grade at the time (sophomore year of high school), so naturally I spent vast swaths of entire days doing absolutely nothing Pogeymanz-related... except for these!

Moral of the story: Sand Attack is just as devastating as Earthquake

Hey! Hey Raikou!

The old lady may or may not be the same one from the Skehwy Ghosty Tower


Shameless Advertisements! Ad

This is an advertisement I made for Pogeymanz and posted on Shameless Advertisements! (plugged above). Instead of picking a page to plug into SA!, I made this one extra special (although it is shorter than any actual Pogeymanz page).

I wanted a legendary to appear but didn't want to use any legendary that would appear in the game, so I picked Darkrai


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