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Pogeymanz currently has a game in development! It is being developed using GameMaker 8.1 and will feature several different campaigns with one of the Pokémon characters from the comic in the limelight. Each campaign is totally unique, with different levels, bosses, stories, and gameplay mechanics.

Unfortunately, as the game's opening cutscene contains a spoiler as to what will happen by the end of the comic, I will not be giving out the link to it at this time.

In any case, the game currently has two campaigns finished: Kabutops and Hitmonchan. I am currently working on the third campaign, which will feature Registeel.

Kabutops/Shadowkilla762 Campaign

The Kabutops campaign is the first one to be developed, beginning as a project I was assigned during my senior year of high school in my IT class. The project's parameters were "make a game using GameMaker (8.1)".

I took the project very seriously. I decided to make 20 levels, with 3 of those being "boss" fights. Although I was not totally finished when the deadline came, I got a 100 and the finished 20-level game won an award at an open-house contest two weeks later.

However, the fact that this campaign was my first foray into GameMaker should give some indication as to the campaign's quality; you can easily tell this is my first attempt at making a game with the program. The enemy design was simplistic and jerky, there were no cutscenes, and the bosses were not so much bosses as they were just an added hazard in their respective rooms.

There is no real "story" to this campaign, with gameplay being the primary focus. The backstory is that Shadowkilla762 is stuck in the Valley of Noobs and must overcome the obstacles set before him by Devinus in order to fight Devinus. Out of all campaigns, this one takes place chronologically last.

All-in-all, though, there should be some enjoyment to be had with this campaign.


Hitmonchan Campaign

This second campaign, featuring fan-favorite Irish Hitmonchan (or "Irishchan"), began development in March of 2012 (three months after the Kabutops campaign's completion) and finished in May 2012. It is considerably better than the first, with Hitmonchan being able to attack and dash (with some enemies being defeatable), better bosses, better level design, and the presence of an actual story, if only a threadbare one.

It is also considerably longer; if your reflexes are prime and you know what you're doing, the Kabutops campaign will take about half an hour to complete. If you tackle the Hitmonchan campaign under the same conditions, you'll likely finish it in an hour, give or take fifteen minutes.

The Hitmonchan campaign also gives us the first look at an outsider's perception of the Valley of Noobs; the environments that Kabutops endures are much tamer.

Chronologically, the Hitmonchan campaign takes place first, before Registeel, Garchomp, or Kabutops's journeys.


Registeel Campaign

The Registeel campaign will feature Registeel, another fan-favorite character. Registeel is capable of shooting a charge-able Flash Cannon attack and dashing (with a momentum mechanic), both of which grant him the power to destroy certain blocks and most enemies under the correct conditions. Registeel is able to scan objects and enemies by clicking on the desired object/enemy whilst holding down the [I] key.

The Registeel campaign began development immediately after the completion of the Hitmonchan campaign, but development was halted over the summer and the following school year because of me starting college. However, back in August I picked up development again and have made huge strides ever since.

Whereas the Kabutops and Hitmonchan campaigns were either devoid of or mostly lacking the humor from the comic, the Registeel campaign is full of humor, with countless colorful characters introduced (and reintroduced), including Registeel's brothers, Regirock and Regice, plus dialogue that is absolutely laden with jokes and references. I hope the lot of you are looking forward to this campaign's release.

Chronologically, this campaign takes place before Kabutops's campaign but after Hitmonchan's and Garchomp's.


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