A Return to Form

September 28th, 2013, 10:00 am

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For the first time in forever...
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Reply Ultimate Ridley, September 27th, 2013, 8:24 pm

Hallelujah All-new Pogeymanz, bigger than ever! Literally, because I'm now also hosting the comics on deviantART* (which has a RIDICULOUSLY high upload size limit! Around 80MB, I think), I can directly link the image from dA to here, meaning I can make each page 3x500 panels if I wanted to and it'd still accept this.

*(This page will not actually upload there until October 25th, but the file is saved in my profile storage)

So after two freaking years of jack diddly, does the comic hold up? That's up to you!

I began to make the speech bubbles using GIMP instead of Paint.NET--it's slightly more tedious, but it gives flexibility with text, like I can italicize a portion of the text if I want to, or go back in and edit the text right there if I made a mistake or typo. With Paint.NET, much like MS Paint, text becomes image data the moment you exit the editor, which means to italicize means having to stop text data in its tracks, set it to italics, type the italicized words as you see fit, and THEN switch back to normal. GIMP just kind of makes things easier in that regard.

And as I mentioned in SDC#3 (one page before this), I'm also developing a game for this comic. Mind you, it's not a traditional Pokémon game; instead of [No Name], you'll play as either Shadowkilla762, Irish Hitmonchan, (eventually) Registeel, and (also eventually) Garchomp, each with their own completely unique storylines. The Registeel campaign is probably going to be the best one yet, but because it's so much more HUGE than the Hitmonchan campaign, I'm not done with it.

When the comic reaches its end and after I finish the Registeel campaign, I'll post an advertisement for the game--it's meant to take place after the comic. (The only reason I don't include it NOW is that the intro is a spoiler to the end of the comic and the first two campaigns, Kabutops and Hitmonchan, are so lackluster compared to the Registeel campaign)

So... who's pumped for Breaking Bad tomorrow night? It's the final episode! For those confused, "Ehrmanbarboach" is a play on Mike Ehrmantraut, a character from the show. So I took "traut" -> "trout" -> Barboach (I don't think Barboach is a trout, but it fits).

EDIT: Oh, also, sorry about the small text. Just, uh... just squint for now. I'll remedy the issue next issue. (See what I did there? ISN'T IT GREAT?!)

ALSO new web design, outfitted by me. HTML and CSS are two things I learned during the ridiculous hiatus. I basically used my CSS skillz to modify the default theme to attain this look but did not touch any JavaScript portion because Java is an awful language that exists only to confuse those who learn it. In fact, it was pretty easy to alter the main theme; I just made a few custom images and uploaded them to deviantART and then replaced the links with the new ones, and also fiddled with a few divs and made parts of the site partially transparent except for when you hover over them with your cursor. It was more time-consuming than difficult, I'd say.

The navbar screws up on mobile browsing though; it compresses as you zoom in (attempting to compensate for the shorter width), leaving some links hanging off of the green bar entirely. Unfortunately, my knowledge of CSS extends to keeping things tidy on computer screens; I'm a tad lost as far as mobile screens.

And as for why I don't make the comic compatible for mobile browsing (a newer feature on SmackJeeves): 1) it'd take days to comb through each comic, and I'd just make it two rows per slide; and 2) SmackJeeves is still causing Kaspersky to freak out upon visiting the main site (comic sites and the forums are still safe, somehow) despite it having been four years since the Sysguard/Antivirus System PRO scareware ad was rampant, and despite me upgrading Kaspersky at least three times since then as well as switching computers. Stuff's fudged up.

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